ASTRO Networks Vic. Inc.

Alternative Science & Technology Research Organisation

Victoria, Australia

2006 Meetings

December 2006 'Christmas Breakup / Discussion Night'

November 2006 Introduction to the Teachings of Bruno Groening

October 2006 Victorian UFO Cases, Skeptics, and the Media

September 2006 Esoteric v Exoteric Astrology

August 2006 Releasing the Fire of Prometheus

July 2006 Kinesiology - (K - Power)

June 2006 The Science of Mediumistic Readings

May 2006 'O.R.M.U.S' - White Powder Gold & the Philosopher's Stone

April 2003 'Codex' - What it Means to You!

March 2006 The Court Cards of the Tarot

February 2006 Theta Healing: A Scientific Approach to Spirituality and Spiritual Healing

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