ASTRO Networks Vic. Inc.

Alternative Science & Technology Research Organisation

Victoria, Australia

2014 Meetings

December 2014 Christmas Get-together 

November 2014 Practical Applications of Biodynamic Agriculture 

October 2014 Melbourne UFO Sightings / New Theories 

September 2014 Space-Weather Magnetometry / Railway Magnetometry 

August 2014 Mediumship and the Nature of our Soul 

July 2014 ‘How Could I Live Without Dowsing?’ 

June 2014 The End of the Alien Overlordship!  

May 2014 The Leon Mow Radio Observatory  

April 2014 Vibratory Shamanic Healing & Crystal Energies

March 2014 ‘The Discovery of Ancient Structures Around the World’- A Film Night!  

February 2014 ‘Memoirs of My Extraterrestrial Journey’  

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