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2016 Meetings

December 2016 ‘Christmas Breakup / Discussion Night’
November 2016 Using Numerology to Enhance your Life
October 2016 Paracus Skull DNA Testing & New Investigation into Starchild Skull DNA
September 2016 Heavenly Vibrations ~ A Night of Mediumship
August 2016 Healing the Mind, Body and Spirit ~ A Combination of Practical Indian Head Massage Technique & Nutrition to Enhance your Wellbeing
July 2016 Tesla Metamorphosis ~ Healing and Consciousness Evolution
June 2016 Holistic Renewable Energy Systems ~ How to Live without the Centralised System
May 2016 Archetypes and Levels of Consciousness
April 2016 Finding the True Cause of Disease with Medical Intuition and Trance Channelling
March 2016 ‘Crystals’ and their Practical Uses
February 2016 Australian Bush Flower Essences

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