ASTRO Networks Vic. Inc.

Alternative Science & Technology Research Organisation

Victoria, Australia

2003 Meetings

December 2003 'Christmas Breakup / Discussion Night'

November 2003 'Chinese Astrology ~ The Four Pillars of Destiny'

October 2003 'Plantonic Inversion through the Infinite'

September 2003 'The Planetary Spiritual Hierarchy' & 'The Angelic Kingdom'

August 2003 Exploring the Invisible Cosmos -'Adventures in Radio Astronomy'

July 2003 Nikola Tesla - The Great Inventor & Mystic

June 2003 'Tarot and Numerology' - The Ancient Secret Sciences

May 2003 Past Life Regression Therapy

April 2003 Uniflow Multi-Fuel Steam Power

March 2003 Current World Events : An Astrological Perspective!!

February 2003 'Flower Essences -The Energetic Healing Mandalas of Nature'

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